Friday, 19 February 2010

Are you a peasant?

Apparently those of us wot travels second class are somehow ‘a different type of person’, according to MP Nicholas Winterton. He was feeling a bit peeved that MPs have to retrench and are no longer allowed to travel in first class compartments on the railways.
According to this learned gentleman people travelling second class:

“are a totally different type of people - they have a different outlook on life. They may be reading a book but I doubt whether they're undertaking serious work or study, reading reports or amending reports that MPs do when they travel.
“Very often they have a different outlook; of course they do, because they are in a different area of activity. They may be travelling just because they are on holiday or they are going to London to visit somebody - MPs are going to London to work.”

What sort of people do you see when you commute?

Do you think this gentleman is right in his assumptions?

As a commuter who travels second class, I was outraged by his insinuations and I’m still hyperventilating over them!!!

Thought for the day:

“Intelligence is like a river. The deeper it is the less noise it makes”


Ewarwoowar said...

Not you as well Sue!

In his main point, he's absolutely right. Just a shame he phrased it in a typically Tory bastard way.

Sue's Blog said...

Some folks in Shropshire refer to second class as ‘the peasant wagon’ – at least I knows me place guv’nor , she says, doffing a forelock ( or what ever peasants are supposed to do)

hltoffy said...

I think he sounds like a right *insert something impolite of your choice here*.

For one, I would do work on the bus if a) it didn't rock and bump so much b) if I didn't get terrible motion sickness and c) if I didn't fall asleep because the journey is so naffing boring.

People, like myself, who can't drive (thank you Mr Examiner you *insert an equally impolite phrase of your choice here*), take public transport to get to the important areas of study or work.

All in all, it sounds like general toffery to me, but that might just be me, I'm tired and have a headache and I want to poke people who seem unfair endlessly...

I apologise for the evil -ly ending verbs, I should be ashamed but I'm too tired to care. Night night.