Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Have you been bullied?

The allegations about bullying at number 10 continue to cause controversy. The National Bullying Helpline is under attack for breaching confidentiality. The people from number 10 who called the helpline in good faith must be feeling very scared now.
Bullying is horrible,but institutions often fail to protect victims, and bullies continue to get away with their behaviour as it is tacitly condoned.

Sadly certain individuals, for whatever reason, get a sense of importance from controlling others. Some bullies are so psychopathic that they are oblivious to the pain and emotional trauma that they are causing their victims.

There is an alternative view going round that people should ‘toughen up’ – especially if they work in a high stress environment like number 10.

I do think that the National Bullying Helpline was wrong in breaching confidentiality - but bullying is also wrong and needs exposing.
What do you all think about this?

Should we have zero tolerance towards bullies?
Are people getting ‘too soft’ and should ‘toughen up’?
Have you experienced bullying- if so what do you think?


Thought for the day

No matter how often a lie is shown to be false, there will remain a percentage of people who believe it to be true.

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