Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Are you giving anything up?

Did you all enjoy your pancakes yesterday?
I made Ainsley Harriott’s American pancakes – yum…..
Well, today is the first day of Lent, a time to give up something you like.
For instance, I’m debating whether to give up alcohol/ chocolate/ watching TV/ blogging/ being nasty about politicians. I could then spend the time on something more worthy.

Do you think we have all become too self indulgent, and a period of abstinence helps to focus the mind on more spiritual or worthwhile matters?

Let me know if you are giving anything up.

What worthwhile activities do you suggest as alternatives during Lent?

Thought for the day (I’m afraid to say the rip-off calendar is now coming up with bizarre quotes – so apologies – they probably sound as daft as the stuff on my blog)

“When someone you greatly admire appears to be thinking deep thoughts – they are probably thinking about lunch”


Ewarwoowar said...

I'm giving up.

Fou said...


Sue's Blog said...

Don't give up Ewar - what will Anna do without her number one admirer?

Fou - good luck with the chocolate

Fou said...

P.s Don't give up blogging Sue! It is my daily entertainment!!

Sue's Blog said...

Thanks Fou

hltoffy said...

I made my own pancakes Sue, filled with cherry pie filling out of the tin - was a lovely dinner to come back to after my ice skating lesson! I've not really thought about giving anything up, I've already got a load of New Year's resolutions to try and maintain, I suppose I could try giving up being shy with new people? Ha like that will happen.

As for your bizarre quote, I like it, I've seen my Dad in 'deep thought' many a time and he's immediately asked me about the next meal afterwards.