Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday frivolity

Are you single and wondering what your future partner will be like?
Well, bird spotting may be the answer.
According to the ancient practice of ornithomancy the first bird (feathered variety) you see on Valentine’s Day will foretell the sort of person you will marry.
The Greeks and Romans were heavily into this pastime and the Anglo-Saxons were partial to a bit of bird prognostication.

Here is a small selection:

Swan – they will be involved in the arts
Kingfisher – will have inherited wealth
Duck – a stable homely type
Magpie – an entrepreneur
Bird of prey – politician
Robin – a sailor
Sparrow – works on the land
Owl – an academic
Dove - the marriage will be happy
Woodpecker – sorry, you are not going to get married
Crow – very unlucky, the relationship is doomed, so dump them and find a replacement


Ewarwoowar said...

Absolute nonsense, but I'll probably be on the look-out!

PS. Without giving away who I am, thanks for holding the door open for me today Sue ;)

Sue's Blog said...

Lovely to find out at long last who you are – and I think I can guess who Dan is too!

If you go bird spotting on Sunday then you need to spot a swift – this means you will marry a sporty type, hopefully called Anna!

Laura said...

Well I'll be on the lookout for a duck. As I am in Stoke there should not be a shortage!!

Sue's Blog said...

How are you all getting on with the bird spotting?
The first bird I saw this morning was a blackbird which is supposed to mean a charity worker or vicar.

Ewarwoowar said...

I completely forgot, hehe.

Fou said...

I think it was a CROW!!!!! :'(

Fou said...

Whoops no, in hindsight I think it was a blackbird! Phew!