Thursday, 4 February 2010

Better late than never!

Do you have a nice postman?
Well, the residents of three streets in Shrewsbury had a dodgy one. Their mail has turned up 19 years after it was sent. The letters were found in a house that was being renovated.
Now we have to speculate what the postman’s problem was – was he just dopey and ‘left’ the letters in this house by mistake? Was he deceitful and had stolen the letters hoping to find cash in them? Was he a jealous lover, hoping to find evidence that his beloved was corresponding with another?
Have you ever had problems with the postal service?
I know people who have sent money in birthday cards – but they did not reach the recipients.
My building society savings book ‘disappeared’ in the post.
I heard about a dodgy (local) postman who had been hoarding mail bags at home, he ended up in the Dana.
On the plus side, the postmen at my local sorting office are very friendly and always greet me with the jolly phrase, ‘Oh, it’s you again – QVC or Amazon’!!!!

Thought for the day

‘When people are free to do as they please, they usually irritate each other’


The Plashing Vole said...

There's a long tradition of postal mishaps. Some are obviously dishonest and empty parcels and birthday cards, but there's a clearer series of these hoarding events. It seems like the sheer weight of material causes depression. The postmen and women are horrendously overworked and pressured by management, and some of them crack, and rather than admit it (which might get them the sack), they hoard instead (better than the US, where 'going postal' means a work-based killing spree, in homage to the origins of this behaviour).

One guy last year was disciplined for not delivering the junk mail in his sacks. What a hero.

Mail theft: despicable.
Mail hoarding: a cry for help.

Support your postal workers and their union.

Sue's Blog said...

Yes I agree - we should all support our postal workers. I know that a lot of bullying goes on behind closed doors at the sorting offices around the country, and people working in the postal service should not have to endure abysmal working conditions.
There is no excuse for dishonesty however, and employees tampering with the mail need to be held accountable.