Monday, 22 June 2009

Who would you choose?

Today is the start of the election process for the speaker of the House of Commons. Ten candidates have been nominated. The position has a salary of £144,520 per annum, and accommodation thrown in. The process is already attracting controversy, with claims that Gordon Brown has been putting pressure on MPs to vote for his favourite, Margaret Beckett (She is currently accused of claiming £11, 000 for gardening expenses). Given the current feelings of the public towards MPs in general, the selection of speaker needs to be carried out fairly and honestly. Should the general public be asked to consider the merits of the candidates and asked to choose instead?

The only candidate I have met is Ann Widdecombe. She was the speaker at my daughter’s school speech day a few years ago. She seemed like a decent, straightforward, no-nonsense sort of person. She would be my choice for speaker.


The Plashing Vole said...

I think that her charm (and yes, she is straightforward/no-nonsense) hides pure evil in ideological terms. This is the woman who initiated the chaining of prisoners while they gave birth.

So I would choose her: Speakers have to shut up and solely look after the House. Her political views would be silenced. Brilliant.

Sue's Blog said...

She did not get the job - but don't worry Voley, I heard that she will be 'standing down' at the next electon.