Saturday, 20 June 2009

Snouts in trough – the sequel

Following on from the tidal wave that started with Jacqui Smith’s porn videos the Metropolitan Police are finally considering a fraud investigation in the corridors of power - about time too. Members of the public would not have got away with dodgy claims and fiddling expenses, so why should MPs?
Over fifty MPs have claimed more for council tax than they were entitled too. Many have given the lame excuse that it was a ‘mistake’, but this does not wash with the public. Anyway, who wants to be governed by careless folks?
Speaking as ‘seriously cynical of Shropshire’, people who put themselves forward for positions of power and authority need to set a good example. How can the general public trust the people who claim to represent them, if they behave like a bunch of self-interested parasites.


curneysmells said...

I agree. Corruption is all around. I swear one of those pigs in the picture is Squealer from Animal Farm. . .

Sue's Blog said...

I've just orederd a copy of Animal Farm from Amazon, I need to read it again.