Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Mobile Phone Directory - an invasion of privacy?

Connectivity, the company running the 118800 service is launching a directory for mobile phones on June 18th. This means that people can potentially obtain anyone’s private mobile number. Connectivity state that they will call first to ask permission to release the number to a third party.
Most people only want friends and family to have their mobile numbers, and I can foresee that his new service could lead to problems. I used to work with victims of domestic violence and the last thing people need when they are trying to rebuild their lives is to be tracked down by a violent ex – partner, or be tormented by phone calls from Connectivity.
Similarly it could lead to employers abusing staff by contacting them on work related issues outside their normal contracted working hours. Doctors could be inundated by patients trying to ring them out of hours for various reasons.
Connectivity will make a lot of money out of this service, but does the general public want it?
It seems that this is being forced on people – like a lot of things that we have not had the chance to agree to.


The Plashing Vole said...

I guess it's no different to having your name in the old phone book - but I do like not being contactable.

Sue's Blog said...

The onus will be on the individual to ask for their number to be removed. Apparently this will take several weeks and will involve a fee.