Friday, 12 June 2009

Gordon Ramsay eats humble pie?

Gordon Ramsay caused a furore in Australia by insulting television journalist Tracy Grimshaw. Ramsay shocked his audience in Melbourne by waving a picture of a naked woman with multiple breasts and a pigs head, saying it was Tracy Grimshaw. He also stated she needed to see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor, then inferred that she was a lesbian.
Ms. Grimshaw refuted this statement, adding that Ramsay must think that any woman who does not fancy him is a lesbian.
The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd became involved. He described Ramsay’s comments as reflecting ‘a new form of low life’. Australians have a reputation for being robust people, so Ramsay must have been seriously offensive.
Ramsay claimed he was just having a joke, and tried to wriggle out of this mess by saying he had not been well due to food poisoning.

After the publicity surrounding his infidelity, and the boil in the bag meals, the comment about food poisoning is worrying – was it from a meal he cooked himself?
If this is the case - is his cooking as unappealing as his comments?

Ramsay’s business is in trouble. This Neolithic football hooligan needs to clean up his act, and buy a dictionary to increase his vocabulary (the dictionary does not stop at ‘F’ Mr. Ramsay) – then he might stand a chance of salvaging his career and his reputation.

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