Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Embarrassing Parents

Yes – parents are embarrassing.
In a poll of 2000 children at Chessington Zoo, twenty five percent of children admitted that they do not want to bee seen out with their parents. Fathers were seen as slightly more embarrassing than mothers, especially dads trying to dance (remember Minty Trebor?)

The top ten worst behaviours are:

1. Kissing them in front of friends.
2. Treating them like a child.
3. Telling them off.
4. Spit washing them.
5. Holding their hand.
6. Trying to disco dance.
7. Using baby/pet names.
8. Telling jokes.
9. Wearing un-cool clothes.
10. Singing.

My sister and I cringe when we go out with our mother. She is inclined to comment on people in a very loud voice (well within their earshot).She makes pointed remarks about their weight, lack of dress sense etc. It is a miracle no one has decked her so far for her forthright opinions.


The Plashing Vole said...

Isn't embarrassment in the job description? My parents are sorely lacking in social skills, and were strict Irish Catholics and very Conservative - very embarrassing. Luckily, we didn't go out much as a family.

Sue's Blog said...

I bet they are very proud of you.

curneysmells said...

I feel very sorry for those who do have embarrassing parents, I personally am very fortunate but would no doubt be very much against having my face spit washed considering I am now above the age of 5. Does this list have an age limit? Surely any parents still spit washing their 30 year old offspring should probably be sectioned. I think there is a similar little Britain sketch. . .

Sue's Blog said...

I love your suggestion about sectioning embarrassing parents - I can think of a few dreadful ones who would benefit from it!