Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dodgy neighbours

It is always heartening to see ‘bad’ people having to atone for their misdemeanours. Craig Johnson formerly of Meaford Hall in Stone masterminded a £138 million scam which involved businesses illegally claiming back VAT on imported mobile phones, (which they had not paid tax on in the first place). Johnson laundered the money by buying luxury items, flashy cars, helicopters and mansions.
His neighbours reported that he would not disclose how he had made his money – now they know why!
Johnson has been ordered to pay back £26 million, or face a further ten years in jail.

Meaford Hall is now up for sale, so let’s hope Johnson’s ex-neighbours have more luck with the next owner of this Grade II listed stately home.



The Plashing Vole said...

Excellent. I've always liked that building, and could commute from Stone easily. I'll fetch my chequebook…

Sue's Blog said...

You could be Vole of Vole Hall!!!!

Seriously - it looks as though you will need a home the size of Meaford Hall to house your extensive book collection.