Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Who do you think is a good role model?

It is hardly surprising news that many children do not respect their parents and have little regard for adults in general. In a poll by the Children’s Society David Beckham and Cheryl Cole were rated as good role models. In the world of politics one third saw David Cameron as a good role model and only a fifth rated Gordon Brown.
Poor old Homer Simpson was seen as the ultimate bad role model. This seems a bit harsh. Homer is a devoted family man. He may drink a few Duff beers with the lads, but he is not out scoring drugs or chasing other women, and he holds down a job. I think it is unfair that poor Homer has been given this accolade. I can think of far worse examples than him.
Who do you think is a good role model for young people and who is a really bad one?


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Fou said...

Homer regularly strangles Bart!