Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sydney turns red overnight

No, this is not a political posting, but a dire warning for all of us.
Australia is currently experiencing freak weather conditions. Residents of Sydney woke up to find their city enveloped in clouds of red and orange dust. The harbour bridge was obscured by an eerie glow, making it look like something out of an alien space invasion film. Flights were grounded and travelling by road was hazardous.
In Adelaide heavy rain caused flooding. Melbourne was hit by a couple of earth tremors. Hail stones the size of cricket balls fell on New South Wales and Queensland is suffering from bush fires.
It was also reported today that China and the USA are finally waking up to the problem of global warming, and have pledged to do something about it.
Well, they had better hurry up about it. The weather conditions in Australia are a warning that time is running out
Society needs to be less reliant on excessive consumerism, and more focused on saving the planet.

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