Friday, 3 September 2010


Yes my pal Tony is back in the public eye again with his magnum opus of ‘memoirs’. It comes as no surprise that he admits that he had a difficult relationship with Gordon Brown.
Tony and Gordon always appeared to be an uneasy couple in public. The tension between them showed in their strained smiles and gritted teeth. Looking back, it seems pretty obvious that they did not really like each other.
They both appear to have colossal egos and I doubt that either of them would have been willing to back down in a scrap. The image of a couple of old dogs fighting over the same bone springs to mind.

Do you think that they should have maintained a gentleman’s agreement not to slag each other off in public?

Is it best to reveal all??

Or does anybody really give a damn???


Ewarwoowar said...

Whilst I'm not his biggest fan, I'm very interested in reading his book - any insights into the workings and machinations (great word) of the Government interest me.

Blair vs Brown was hardly a secret as well.

Sue's Blog said...

Hi Ewar,
He got pelted with eggs in Ireland (ha ha), so I expect that will set a precedent for his grand book signing tour of the world.
I won’t be buying his tome.