Monday, 20 September 2010

‘Lefties’ are more aggressive

According to psychologists at Merrimack College in Massachusetts people who are left-handed are moodier and more aggressive than right-handed folks, and they are said to be clumsier. Apparently their cerebral hemispheres are more interlinked or something, which the psychologists reckon is the reason for these traits. Or maybe left-handed people just get fed up coping with a world designed for right-handed people, but their brains are more evolved as a result. About 13% of the world’s population is left-handed.
Famous left-handers include John McEnroe, Bob Geldof (known for their strops) and Barack Obama,

David Cameron is a ‘leftie’ too.

Do you think these psychologists are right or are they spouting a load of nonsense?


Ewarwoowar said...

As a left-hander myself, there may be something in that you know.

As a yoof I struggled a lot with my temper (still do, to be honest). I'm very clumsy (had to have physio when I was a kid for dyspraxia) and I can get very moody.

So, yeah. Interesting stuff.

hltoffy said...

To be honest I don't know whether these people have too much time on their hands or whether my eyebrow should raise with interest.

I'm left handed, but I've never attributed a shortness of temper to my character because of it. When I was little I was more likely to question something out of curiosity than throw a tantrum and I only attribute my anger now to over exposure to my Dad's quickness to have a benny.

As for clumsiness, there may be something in that. I am more likely to fall up the stairs than down and had a spate in high school of accident related injuries - mysteriously enough just in time to miss P.E. sessions which was terribly convenient.

The frustration at the world might have something in it though. I am in the only person in my family that is left-handed (my Nan was the only other one and my Mom swears I inherit it from her). Having said that, I'm also the only one who can claim a level of ambidextrious-ness, so its not all bad I s'pose.

Sorry for the overly long comment Sue :/ See you Thursday :)

Sue's Blog said...

Hi Ewar and Toffy, I did not realize you were both left- handed. Did you know that the 13th August is National left-handed day, to celebrate left handed people? Here is a link to a site with more info.
See you at Uni!

Sue's Blog said...

Oops...silly me - forgot to add the link - just blame it on being anxious about going back to uni today.