Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bank Holiday Sunday

Are you having a good time today folks?

What have you all been getting up to?

I’ve been watching the constant change from sun to drizzling rain, whilst editing a short story. Not the most inspiring way to spend a Bank Holiday you might think, and you would be right.
This however looks like fun.
If you like getting dirty then why not consider bog-snorkeling. The town of Llanwrtyd Wells is hosting the annual bog-snorkeling championships today. The art of bog-snorkeling seems to be to glide through the mud in fancy dress without inhaling too much of the putrid bog-water. A good dose of spirits is probably needed, especially as it is a bit chilly today.

Enjoy yourselves, whatever you are doing!


MrsF said...

I am drinking tea and doing paperwork - not very exciting but preferrable to bog-snorkeling. Don't they have leeches in stagnant bogs? ugh!

Sue's Blog said...

Hi MrsF,
Sounds like you are having a fun time too. I don't know about leeches - they could add to the danger and excitement!