Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Pope’s visit

Are you excited about the pope’s visit or does the whole thing leave you bored rigid? Many tickets remain unsold for the pope’s venues, and there could be lots of reasons for the lack of interest, ranging from the recession to increasing secularization.

This papal visit has certainly generated a lot of mixed feelings.

First there is the problem of the sexual abuse scandals which were hushed up by the church.

Then we have Cardinal Kasper who likened Britain to a third world country, full of aggressive atheists

Then an ice cream company got into trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority for displaying posters that featured a pregnant nun eating ice cream. The company was told to remove the posters because they were offensive to the Catholic Church. The company, however, is planning to display posters with a similar ‘theme’ in time for the pope’s visit to Westminster Abby tomorrow.

As the product if a mixed marriage I had the misfortune to attend a dreadful Catholic convent school which contained some very nasty nuns and sadistic teachers. Thankfully I did not have to stay there for too long, but the place was enough to put anybody off Catholicism.


The Plashing Vole said...

I was 'educated' by the Sisters of Mercy (very violent), the Christian Brothers (neither Fraternal nor Christian) and the Benedictines (who were the worst of the lot, but don't lend their name to any obvious joke).

Sue's Blog said...

Poor Vole - You have my full sympathy.

MrsF said...

I think it is only a matter of time before some nasty conflict escalates between the various religious groups. It makes me feel very uneasy

MrsF said...

And I mean in this country specifically - obviously elsewhere around the world it is already happening