Friday, 23 October 2009

Talking in lectures

It seems the norm for students to take phone calls and to chat to their friends during lectures.
What do you all think about this?
Should we be allowed to do this, after all we have a right to free speech don’t we.

Or do you find it extremely irritating and disrespectful. Is the background noise in lectures disrupting your learning experience?
Can you hear what the lecturer is saying above the din of conversation about who did what to whom at the Hog’s Head the night before - Yes, we would all like to know the latest salacious gossip too, and would appreciate it if you spoke a bit louder so that we could all be party to it.

Should the culprits be made to stand at the front and take over the lecture – then the lecturers could sit at the front and heckle them, to make them see what it feels like to give a lecture with a lot of background noise.

What is the general consensus on this one – should chatting be allowed or is it wrong?


Fou said...

Personally, I find it highly distruptive. Even when at times I know I won't be listening to the lecture, but rather day dreaming! At least that way you can at least seem mildly interested and not disturb those who do actually want to learn!

hltoffy said...

I agree, talking in lectures is wrong, unless it's something about what's being said, then I think it's fine because a few whisperes during a Shakespeare lecture about where to find the best stuff for our upcoming essay is always welcome I think ;)