Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Does anyone else think that good TV comedy programmes are a thing of the past?
Today David Attenborough lamented the passing of ‘Porridge’, saying that it ‘entertained and educated, gave you insight into psychology and current affairs, and was the greatest programme we've ever seen’.
Does anyone agree with him?
David Attenborough believes that as the number of channels increases, dwindling audiences will lead to a diluting of quality which bodes ill for the future.
Do people feel that the days of good programmes are numbered?
Or do programmes like the IT Crowd and Peep Show surpass Porridge for comic brilliance?



Ewarwoowar said...

Peep Show is probably the finest comedy of the past decade.

But just because something is "old" doesn't make it terrible or out of touch. Porridge is great, Cheers is great, Only Fools is great. And I still watch Fawlty Towers religiously, despite knowing all the jokes off by heart.

I don't think TV comedies will necessarily get worse - just will change to affect their target audiences and the context of the time.

Fou said...

Without sounding like a primary school teacher faced with 30 underachieving brats, I think they are are brilliant, but in their own unique way

Laura said...

I second that they are brilliant - I am very partial to Benidorm and Peep Show. Whether they have longevity or not remains to be seen.