Friday, 9 October 2009

Election fever??

The political parties are all getting ready for the next General Election.

Are you excited about this?
Can you be bothered to vote?
Do the three main parties all look fairly similar?

YouGov figures out today suggest that the Conservatives are currently the most popular party: Con 40% Lab 31% LibDem 18% and the rest 11%

Vince Cable is the person most preferred for Chancellor, but only by a small percentage: Cable 19%, Osborne 17%, Darling 16%

Over the past year or so the Conservatives have enjoyed a rise in popularity. Is their lead in the ratings war due to their policies or has Labour failed to live up to its promise. Are people disenchanted with Gordon Brown?
60%of people polled rated David Cameron as too posh to understand the problems of real people. Do you agree with them?


Ewarwoowar said...


Hope that helps answer your questions! :)

Dan (The Comment Leaver Formerly Known as Merciless) said...

I wish people would look forward and see how terrible it will be when the Conservatives are - as is looking increasingly likely - in charge. Politics, or Government at least, is about stability not chopping and changing when things don't go swimmingly. If people think we've got it bad now then wait until the Conservatives have had a period to settle in.

The Plashing Vole said...

Dan's absolutely right. The Tories are the root of the evil which infected Labour - and they haven't repented. They are the bankers, very literally. They despise the poor and shed crocodile tears while spouting this 1970s American stuff about ending 'big government'. Actually, I think we like big government - health, education etc. They're using the financial crisis as an excuse to abolish the social protection we've built over the last hundred years. It's going to get very, very unpleasant. As a very hard-left socialist, I've hated New Labour since the early 90s, but a Lab/Lib-Dem coalition is preferable to both a Tory or a Labour majority.

Fou said...

In Ewarwoowar style:

Sue's Blog said...

Dear E, D, V and F
Thank you all for that.
I can’t help thinking that there is a niche in the book market for a new improved (green) version of Utopia. I think we need something which offers a better model of society than the current parties do. Something which takes a long term perspective and uses joined up thinking - rather than policies created ad hoc as the current practice seems to be. No sleaze or corruption…
Sorry I’m rambling…