Monday, 4 May 2009

Comment - Throwing food away

Hi Ashley,
I am sorry you found English food so revolting, and had to throw stuff away. At the farm shop this morning here in rural Shropshire they were giving away leaflets on the bad behaviour of wasting food. A third of the food we buy gets thrown away. This is appalling, and as you quite rightly point out it is dreadful for the environment. The link below gives tips on how to avoid so much waste, and how to use leftovers.
At lot of food thrown away is still in date.
Standard guidance is to adhere to ‘use by’ dates, and never use eggs after this date.
Some foods with ‘best before’ dates on have a bit of leeway – just use common sense. If it looks past it, bin it.
I think supermarkets are to blame with all the special offers, encouraging people to buy more than they need. I suspect that accounts for a lot of the waste problems. It may also be contributing to obesity as people feel obliged to eat all these extra things.

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