Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Here is the last posting on bad behaviour. Today GMTV reported that the gender gap for binge drinking is getting narrower with double the number of women binge drinking in recent years. There has also been a steady increase in drinking amongst the middle-aged and elderly. The ‘safe’ limits do not seem realistic for a lot people; many are either ignorant of the safe drinking limits or in denial and do not want to think about them.
There may be something more profound going on in society which is making people, especially women, want to get hammered regularly.
Is life more stressful? Are people feeling nihilistic about the future with the planet boiling up under the effects of global warming? Is it the credit crunch? Is it down to successful advertising? Do women feel they have achieved equality with men, including drinking like men ? Are people feeling depressed? Are people becoming too self-indulgent with growing levels of consumption in all aspects of life? Or is because people are bored?
It could be all of the above, and lots of other reasons.
The level in young men has reduced – why? There was a suggestion that more young men are smoking cannabis instead; there is certainly a trend locally in Shropshire for ‘grow your own’ amongst young males.
This article has links to information on safe drinking limits – that is if anyone gives stuff and would like to know.

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