Monday, 4 May 2009

The baby P case

This child’s death was harrowing. Little Peter was found dead in his blood spattered cot with a broken back and fractured ribs. He had sustained over fifty injuries, and had been grotesquely abused throughout his short life. His mother and his killer stepfather are facing life sentences.
The actions of Peter’s mother and stepfather are beyond evil. Peter’s grandmother told reporters that her daughter was manipulative, and that her boyfriend was obsessed with violence. Haringey Social Services were vilified for missing the serious risk Peter’s ‘carers’ posed. Psychopaths are calculating and devious, and this pair could have easily conned the social work team.
Peter looked a beautiful little boy and it is incomprehensible how anybody would want to harm him.
Peter’s stepfather is also guilty of raping a two year old girl.
The bad thing about this case is that this evil monster has had the audacity to appeal against the evidence because the main prosecution witness, i.e. the victim, was only four when she gave her evidence.
Peter's mother and srepfather were not tried in court under their real names, for fear of an internet hatred campaign influencing jurors. Why should evil people have the right to be protected when they have committed such brutal acts? They should be exposed and made to face the consequences.

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