Monday, 4 May 2009

Comment - Gordon Brown

Hi Briony,
I had a good laugh reading your post on Gordon Brown, and I totally agree with you that the man is a complete tosser - literally - I did not realize that has temper tantrums and throws things like laser printers around. He is exhibiting bad behaviour, and should be setting a good example to the rest of the population. You said that he expects people to sanitize messages they have to give him - sounds like he does not want to hear the truth and is a bully.
He use to annoy me by going on about how ‘prudent’ he was; in fact all he has done over the years is stealthily rob the population, which is a bad and underhand thing to do. Now he is presiding over a bankrupt Britain. His Youtube performance of manic grinning scared the life out of me – he may have been trying to charm the voters, but he just looked incredibly sinister. I confess to having to turn the TV off when he and his ‘Darling’ are on because those two Muppets annoy me so much.

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