Monday, 15 November 2010

How happy are you?

Did you know that the government is planning to measure how happy we are?
The Office for National Statistics is going to devise a household survey that will test people’s happiness levels quarterly.

Bet you can’t wait to take part.

This is the brain child of ‘Dave’ who reckons that money isn’t everything.

What will the government do with the findings?

Will they impose a tax on people who are grumpy?
Will they put Prozac into the water supply so that we don’t care anymore that we are all paying for the greedy bankers gambling habits?

What would make you happy?


MrsF said...

What would make me happy is if the government would stop spending money on such ridiculous ideas. I doubt they will do anything constructive with the findings. Waste of time!

Sue's Blog said...

I agree!

hltoffy said...

Richard Armitage. David Tennant. Bradley James/

Need I say more? HAHA