Friday, 5 November 2010


What do you think of the new-look breakfast programme on ITV with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley?
I don’t like it at all. I preferred GMTV and I think that ITV have made a very expensive mistake by changing the format and poaching BBC’s dreary double act from the One Show. Daybreak is BORING, despite all the money wasted on high profile guests.
The other day Adrian Chiles had his flies undone on air – sorry Adrian even that won’t help to boost the flagging ratings.
Please bring back the old GMTV it was fun, light-hearted, entertaining and brightened up my mornings!


MrsF said...

I totally agree - I do not find the programme very watchable. Christine is pretty and will probably appeal to male viewers but I find her irritatingly happy. It's not possible to find everything so hysterically funny. If I smiled that much I would give myself a tension headache. I think the programme is going to be scrapped in the not too distant future.

Sue's Blog said...

I agree - I find Christine very irritating too. I preferred Adrian Childes when he presented the money programme on BBC 2 a long time ago.

Ewarwoowar said...

Don't ask me - I'm never bloody up at that time to watch it...

Sue's Blog said...

Tut tut Ewar - no I'm just jealous because I am a chronic insomniac who seems not to need much sleep - I get very envious of people who can sleep for hours.

EvieB said...

I've had the morning off today and normally I would be making the most of easy watching morning telly.
But the thought of day break is just awful.
I'd rather watch jeremy kyle. At least that programme is so awful its mildly entertaining to sit there and comment about how terrible it is.
But day break doesn't even have that plus point