Monday, 22 November 2010

How do you cook?

I’ve had some fascinating conversations with people about cooking. It seems that some people are really organized and slavishly follow recipes. They buy all the ingredients specially, and are heavily into experimentation. They have books by all the TV chefs and try different menus every day.
Then you get the other sort of people who make concoctions out of random things, based on what needs using up, or what is left in the fridge and cupboards. It can lead to some fabulous meals or awful disasters.

I wonder if ‘scientific’ types are into the former method of cooking and ‘artistic’ types favour the latter.

And last but not least are the sad lot who can’t cook at all – shame on you!


EvieB said...

I'm a bit of both!
But mainly grab it all out the cupboard and throw it into a pan.
I do look at cookery books for ideas though!

Sue's Blog said...

I've got laods of cookery books, and I love looking at them, but I'm at the mercy of the weekly organic veggie box, so it depends what's in that.