Friday, 15 July 2011

Fish and chips

Do you like going to the seaside?

There is nothing nicer that eating fish and chips smothered in salt and vinegar at the seaside, but your bliss may be short –lived if a seagull spots you.
I’ve had many a chip nicked at Llandudno, and it is very entertaining to watch the cunning birds swoop down and help themselves to people’s snacks and ice creams as they try to enjoy the sea view.
The problem must be rife in seaside towns - a chip shop owner in Bridlington has had to put up signs warning people about chip stealing seagulls because his profits have dwindled through people demanding reimbursement.

So, just be careful if you eat in front of seagulls – they can be quite vicious!

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Ewarwoowar said...


Having been born on the South Coast and lived there for 12 years, I think I know what you mean with this one!

They don't call Brighton FC "the seagulls" for no reason!