Saturday, 22 January 2011

Life isn’t fair

I have not blogged for a while because I’m suffering from third year syndrome – too much work to do - (any first or second year university students reading this post take note – the work increases exponentially each year).
Also the stuff that is going on in the country since the ConDems appeared is making me very worried. Normally I like to poke fun at politicians – but this lot just aren’t funny.
I’ve been very annoyed about bankers' bonuses – nothing has been done, but everyone else is suffering.
I was even more annoyed today when I read that university vice-chancellors' pay went up astronomically last year, but students will have to bear harsh tuition fees.
I suspect we will see increasing unrest in the land as people realize they are being massively ripped off and conned and finally get fed up with it.
A decent and fair society should have free top quality health and education - we pay enough in taxes for it – so where is all the money going?????????????

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Anonymous said...

You're right it isn't fair! Good to get university done before the price hike!

Although I am very glad you have started blogging again Sue!