Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Student accommodation

The NUS reported today that the average price of student accommodation has gone up 22% in the last three years. The average weekly cost of accommodation is £98. The NUS blames the private sector for the increases. The private sector says it has invested a lot of money, developing accommodation to cope with the increases in student numbers. Given that tuition fees will be going up, the cost of accommodation is another burden for students and their families.

Many students at my university live at home and commute. If the costs of higher education and subsistance expenses continue to rise, then a lot of students may have to apply to their nearest university too.

This is probably bad news for people hoping to escape from home, or those who want to do a specific degree at a university many miles away.

Are you affected by this?
Would you like to escape from the clutches of your parents but can’t afford to do so?
Do you like going to your local university?
Have you had to go to the nearest university because you could not afford to go to the one you really wanted to go to?

Thought for the day

‘When you choose the lesser of two evils, remember that it is still an evil’ - Max Lerner


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