Friday, 26 March 2010

An opportunity for creative writers

Here is some information on a short story competition. If you win, the prize is £1,000 and the 20 shortlisted books from the Costa Book Awards.

The theme of the story has to be ‘The Photograph’, and the word count is 2,500 (max).
The competition details are in May’s edition of Woman & Home. The deadline is May 21st.
You will need a competition coupon from the magazine to enter.

Woman & Home tends to go in for Aga-saga type stuff, so they don’t tend to pick sci-fi, gothic-horror, porno, fantasy, seafaring narratives or anything involving comic wolves, bottles of gin, or Mr. Christmas (last term’s humour writers will know what I mean).

Get writing!!

Thought for the day

'One’s freedom stops where someone else’s begins’ - Rousseau


Benjamin said...

I like to send you the story I've written if you don't mind, just to see if the magazine would accept it. Probably won't, it's quite sweary. My email is so send me a message and I'll duly respond.

P.s, where do you get these magazines from? Also are you enjoying Realism in the Novel class?

Benjamin. said...

I'd like to send you my story if you don't mind reading it, I may enter if you think I should. It's a bit sweary and complex but then it always is with me! My email is so email me if you like and I'll duly respond.

Shall you be doing a story too? Where do you find these magazines?

P.s are you enjoying Realism in the Novel class?

Thanks, Benjamin.

Ewarwoowar said...

I've just written a story for it Sue, thanks!

No, wait, hang on...

(reads last paragraph of your entry, then rips up the porno gothic-horror story featuring comic wolves and bottles of gin)


Sue's Blog said...

That could have been this year’s winner Ewar!!!!!– W&H might have got sick of twee Aga sagas at long last.