Sunday, 1 November 2009

What do you have for your lunch?

What do you like to have for lunch my lovely readers?

When I am at Uni I have peanut butter sandwiches. They are quick to make, especially when I have to leave the house by 7.25am to get to a 9am lecture. Peanut butter sandwiches are easy to transport, very very yummy and easy to scoff discreetly during lectures, when the lecturer is not looking. When I am not at Uni I have more time to make exciting sandwiches.

If you are lucky enough to have time for lunch would you fancy this?

White truffle carpaccio, veal Milanese, truffle tagliolini with extra parmesan cheese, accompanied by a few glasses of Chateau Petrus, Cristal rosé champagne, tawny port and a dash of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.
This is what oligarch Roman Abramovich and guests had for their lunch at Nello’s restaurant in New York. The whole lot, together with service charges, only cost £28,793.

Would you fancy that for your lunch?


Fou said...

That could pay for a family of 8's food bills for an entire year, and more! Shocking.

Personally, I'd much rather have a sandwich! My ultimate favourite is to have prawn sandwiches with some sushi on the side!!

Sue's Blog said...

I’m going to invite myself round to your house when you are having prawn sandwiches and sushi – mega yummy.

hltoffy said...

o.0 That could feed an elephant for almost a week that could!... Perhaps they're baby elephants? Random XD

As for lunch, recently I've been having smoke salmon and scrambled eggs with toast because it's good for the brain and my diet, but I love chicken and steamed and seasoned curly kale with salad and brown bread too ;) ordinary chicken sarnies for uni though.

Can you tell I like cooking? lol.

Ewarwoowar said...

My lunch today was:

A cheddar cheese and ketchup sandwich (oh, don't pull that face)

A glass of Diet Coke

A nice slice of Parkin.

Ta very much.

Sue's Blog said...

All your lunches sound very tasty- even the cheese and ketchup - I've not had that for a while.