Tuesday, 28 June 2011


What does a handbag say about its owner? What sort of person would own a handbag like the one in this picture?

Do you think that the style and contents of your handbag reflects your personality?
According to Kathryn Eisman, they do. She spent two years researching the subject and came up with the following

These women are the envy of others. Any woman who can make do with a small bag carrying only their necessities – wallet, keys, phone and glasses – has mastered the art of organization and never has to wade through a pile of sweet wrappers or old receipts to find their mobile phone.

Not quite as clutter free, but still practical and focused, this woman is extremely well-organized and carries items which are sensible and practical. She likes to be prepared for every eventuality. Be it tissues or toothbrush, hair accessories or phone charger, every item in this bag has a purpose. Women who fit into this category very rarely swap bags, according to Eisman, and are likely to choose neutral colors and classic cuts which will never go out of style.

According to Eisman’s research the creative woman has a free spirit and “tends to rebel against conformity.” Their bag is most likely to be a treasure trove or a bottomless pit. However, the contents are still relatively organized – full but functional, even though it may appear chaotic to the casual observer. Household bills, medicines, food wrappers and other assortments of random items can be found lurking at the bottom of this purse. The Creative spirit likes handbags in bright colors, showing others that she is fun and approachable, says Eisman.

The Florence Nightingale
These women are caring and sensitive and carry a multitude of items which are useful to others. Medicines, band aids, mints, chewing gum, perfume, tissues, safety pins and other practical items. Expressive personalities also tend to carry sentimental trinkets, photos of loved ones and a book or magazine which they can lose themselves in. Often appearing shy, don’t be fooled by this woman’s exterior, according to Eisman, there is a wild side just waiting to be unleashed!

Not only can the style of handbag give away your personality type but your color choice is also an indication. According to Eisman, women who go for bright colors tend to be fun loving, friendly and approachable. These are women who will happily strike up a conversation with a stranger, in an elevator or a train compartment.

Colour Neutral, classic colors such as black and brown means that the owner may be more reserved and appear less approachable. Sometimes coming across as shy, these women are confident and are often down-to-earth.

I have one black (very tidy) bag that I’ve used for years and one very large red bag crammed with stuff that I use for uni...


Blossom said...

I have a rule for handbags, it's basically the same rule for shoes- one cannot have too many!

My favourite bag is brown leather and suede, can be worn across the body like a school satchel or held by two smaller handles. It has burnished brass buckles and clasps on it and I love it. It's full of junk (furry forgotten sweets in the bottom, I'm sure) but it's big enough for everything that I'm convinced I can't possibly manage without, including my umbrella, iPad, glasses, book, phone, purse, keys....

Sue's blog said...

Hi Blossom,
I like to stick to one old faithful handbag. I only part with handbags when they disintegrate. My obsession is buying books and stationery, so I just don’t have room in my house for lots of bags and shoes.
According to some article I read our handbags are getting larger and fuller to reflect our complex lives.

ericwalter said...

This cobra skin colored designer evening bags looks cool !!!

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thomusjonty said...

Do you anticipate that the appearance and capacity of your backpack reflects your personality, According to Kathryn Eisman, they do. She spent two years researching the subject.

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