Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Behave your self at the cinema!

Do you get annoyed at the cinema when people talk all through the film, bleep away on their mobile phones, gobble crunchy crisps and rustle sweet wrappers?

Well, in Latvia things turned very nasty yesterday at a showing of ‘Black Swan’. Nikolajs Zikovs shot forty- three- year- old banker, Aigers Egle because he had been stuffing himself noisily with popcorn during the film - at least he waited until the film ended before shooting the banker.

I thought this is really scary and just shows how intolerant people are becoming.

Or perhaps you think that people who spoil films are a menace and this incident was just a matter of time.

Perhaps it would be better to ban phones, food and drinks in cinemas on health and safety grounds – but then cinemas are struggling financially and the disgusting array of unhealthy, obesity –inducing ‘food’ substances they offer are a source of income for them.


Ewarwoowar said...

Very interesting post Sue, and something I think about a lot (no, honestly).

I dislike going to the cinema, mainly based on the reasons you've already mentioned. I also think the prices (tickets and food) are appalling, and the fact you have to sit through an hour of adverts and trailers before hand. Nevertheless, doesn't mean you should shoot someone!

And I hate popcorn!!!

Sue's Blog said...

Hi Ewar
I agree that the cinema experience could definitely be improved without all the trailers and adverts.

The Plashing Vole said...

I thought this was an awful story until you mentioned he was a banker…

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I would say those popcorn-crunching, sweet wrapper-rustling people are really rather annoying. However, I feel I may be a cereal cinema muncher myself!