Saturday, 16 October 2010

What should writers wear?

I wonder what famous writers wear when they are writing.

We had a discussion about what we wear at Uni yesterday, and most of us prefer to write in our pyjamas.
I’m a morning person so I’m usually in my dressing gown and pyjamas too. Later in the day I swap them for aged track suit bottoms and my furry No Fear fleece complete with skulls. This is no reflection on my other interests - it was reduced from £50 to £6 at the local discount sports shop and is very warm. I alternate it with a very cosy cardi that has holes and rips in. The fetching ensemble in finished with a pair of woolly socks – very necessary in the effort to keep warm. I suspect the neighbours feel sorry the ‘student’, and the post man has got used to the frightful sight when he delivers my parcels.

What do you wear when you are writing?


Fou said...

Well when I was doing my dissertation I would wake up, sit up in bed and start typing...until bed time when i'd close the laptop and go to bed! So i'd say pj's and blankets. And warm socks of course!

Sue's Blog said...

Brilliant to hear other people favour the PJ look for writing!

The Plashing Vole said...

A beret. Them's the rules. Anything else is voluntary. Though I favour a crimson quilted velvet smoking jacket.

Sue's Blog said...

The beret and smoking jacket look sounds frightfully sophisticated and more in keeping with garrets in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
I think a woolly bobble hat might be more sensible though, as it keeps out the cold and is great for bad hair days.