Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Students are fed up

Aaron Porter is the new president of the NUS. He is asking for politicians to be honest about tuition fees. He says they are “hiding behind" a review, due to report after the election, to avoid questions on university funding and student fees.

Closer to home – a lot of students are unhappy with the effect the cut-backs have had on the modules provided at our university.
There are a lot of angry and disappointed students around the campus wondering what they should do about all this. Our lecturers are great, but we know they can’t do much about the problems caused higher up the chain.

Any suggestions????????


The Plashing Vole said...

Start demonstrating, sending delegations to upper management, talking to the press, withholding fees, making the useless SU actually do something (I seem to remember that it fully supports what the university is doing). Staff are on your side.

Sue's Blog said...

Thanks for the advice Voley.

hltoffy said...

Well you've had my rather irate comments Sue already, so I shan't add a disgraceful amount of rather high brow profanity to your blog :) We carried on that petition after you left uni today though and we've already got a page and a half of comments from students.

We will have our say. Whether we're listened to is another matter.