Sunday, 15 February 2009


Why do people go to prostitutes?

Prostitution is the act of paying for sex, a form of a business transaction, between two or more individuals. An article in the Guardian by Sebastian Horsley, entitled ‘The brothel creeper’, gives an insight into one man’s motives for using prostitutes. He cites the need for variety and excitement as his main motives. He argues that being in a relationship means ‘you’ve got to talk to them’, and he avoids the emotional aspects of relationships by using prostitutes.

How prevalent is it?

An article in the BBC News Magazine, states that the number of men using prostitutes has doubled in the last decade. There are a number of possible causal factors: the increasing divorce rate, sex tourism, stag holidays, and the availability of commercialized sex through the internet. One of the attractions of sex with prostitutes is sex without commitment, and the chance to be who you want to be with an anonymous sex worker. The article also states that men are now more willing to admit to using prostitutes.

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